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7 Email Developer Interview Questions

7 Email Developer Interview Questions
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I’ve listed 7 questions in no particular order that I’ve been asked at least twice during an interview.

Question 01: What is a media query? 

If you can’t answer this one, you are not ready for the interview.  I don’t want to sound mean but go back and study some more.

Question 02: Where do you get your inspiration for your emails?

My answer has always been from an email account that I have specifically for signing up for email newsletters.  This lets the interviewer know that you are interested in marketing.  I recommend you setup a separate email account just to receive email newsletters to get ideas.

My other answer is because they have tons of emails from some of the best email designers and corporations in the world. Check that sight out!

Question 03: How would you handle an email sent with an error in it? 

  1. Accept that you made a mistake
  2. Assess the impact
  3. Notify stakeholders
  4. Put a plan together or find out what is your company’s plan

You will not get fired for this.  Companies make this mistake a few times a year, but don’t say that during the interview 4 points that I’ve listed, you will be fine.

Question 04: What do you prefer, mobile first or desktop first?

I would recommend that you say that you prefer mobile first because most people read their emails on mobile devices.  They generally want to know if you use a mobile first approach or desktop first approach when creating emails.

Question 05: Which email client do you hate the most?

Go with Outlook because you can talk about Ghost Tables.  You can find more information on Ghost Tables and Outlook at

Question 06: What is a hard bounce?

A hard bounce is simply an email that can’t be delivered.  You can find more information at

Question 07: What email marketers or email developers do you follow?

You can start with me but do a search on Twitter for #EmailGeeks or #EmailDevs.

Here are a few I follow on Twitter:

7 Email Developer Interview Questions

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