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Career Advice

Assistance and guidance to develop your career.

Everything you need to make critical professional decisions and get beyond challenges is on this page, including advice on selecting a career path, increasing your income, getting back on your feet after being fired or laid off, dealing with prejudice, finding work in a new city, and more.

Entry Level

Even if you have no experience or internships, finding your first job after graduation can be challenging but attainable with the right approach. To learn how, consult the resources listed below.

Jobs & Careers

Your career development, salary potential, and job security may all be significantly impacted by the industry you choose to work in. In order to aid you in making a decision, the articles below will highlight several career alternatives.

Interview Questions & Answers

One of the easiest strategies to boost confidence and prevent becoming nervous before an interview is to practice common questions and replies. To start preparing, use the questions below.

Email Tips & Resources – If you need inspiration for creating your e-mail developer portfolio, go to this site. 

Upload E-mail Template into ESP – These two articles walk you through how to add your HTML e-mails to Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.

Nightmare At Email Camp – Optimize e-mail design and development Session 



    • This is a long video but is one of the few people to show an actual E-mail Developer resume. Her channel is no longer active but she has some great content on Email Development.
      • I know this resume is for someone who has the experience, but you can use the phrases in your resume that apply to you. 

HTML Email Developer Portfolio (example)

How To Slice Images in Photoshop

How to slice images in Photoshop?

Here are two videos showing how to slice images in Photoshop. – This will get you started with cropping. – This one is more in depth on how to crop in Photoshop.

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