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What To Do After Your Email Developer Interview?

What To Do After Your Email Developer Interview?
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You went through the final round of interviews for your first email developer position.

The company’s environment is great.

The pay is well above what you expected.

You really had a good vibe with the team.

The big question is, how do you stand out after the interview?

How do you get an edge over the other final candidates the company interviewed? Be polite.

The art of the thank-you email is a lost art to most job candidates. Most job candidates focus so much on the interview process, but forget proper manners.

The person who interviews you had to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with you. This is time better spend finishing up projects and meeting deadlines.

What should I do after the interview?

After the interview, send a thank you email to everyone you interviewed with.

If you only have one person’s contact information, be sure to mention everyone who interviewed you in the email.

What to include in the thank you email?

Your thank you email should include:

• Thank the person(s) for their time

• Highlight why you want to work for the company

• Express your interest in the role

When you send the thank you email?

Be sure to send the thank you email a few hours after the interview. Do not wait two-weeks to send the thank you, by then it’s late.


Most job candidates will not send a thank you email. I know from experience that the job candidate who sent a thank you email got a job offer.

By Ivan Hurt, CPRW

I’m an email developer and Certified Professional Resume Writer for, a tech resume writing service for email developers and web developers.

Ivan Hurt,

What To Do After Your Email Developer Interview?

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